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Need more hours in the day? Do you feel tired & stressed out, juggling work and life responsibilities and kids? Does it feel like you are always running around, doing your best but no time for yourself? At the end of the day, you fall down, exhausted?

Trained in mind, body & soul modalities, Trudi helps busy women laugh loudly, smile at life’s chaotic nature and embrace themselves with loving kindness. Using simple solutions to get you back on track from overwhelm and overload to living vibrant wellness. We assist with body aches and pains, emotional, mental and energy blockages, moving through non-serving thoughts, behaviours and patterns. Moving towards a higher, healthier and happier way of living.

Online Appointments available.

For women who:

  • are stressed out
  • do too much and rest too little
  • are struggling with who they are now as Mummas’
  • are juggling work/life balance
  • are experiencing major change and transition
  • want to connect deeply and lovingly with their hearts & bodies
  • are ready to positively embrace their body
  • are ready to let go of the stuff that doesn’t matter
  • are ready to empower themselves to create healthy boundaries
  • are looking for a practitioner that supports and understands their wellness, emotionally, mentally, physically and soulfully

Trudi helps busy woman embrace themselves with loving kindness, to smile and laugh at life’s chaotic nature and to reconnect through story and laughter. Using intuitive healing touch, with simple and mindful solutions to get you back on track, from overwhelm and overload, to living vibrant wellness.

Treatments can take the form of a massage, psychotherapy session, healing session or a combination of all elements depending on the needs and preferences of her gorgeous clients. She works on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level. Trained in both Eastern and Western, modalities, she holds recognised qualifications in Remedial and Relaxation Massage, Meditation and Mindfulness, and Psychotherapy.

A Reiki Master since 2005, and long term student of Qi Gong, she loves exploring conscious wellness of mind, body & soul. Learning how to love deeply, build meaningful relationships with herself and others, and live a life filled with laughter, kindness and connection.

She has lived the juggle and demands of kids, work, study and family life and understands the pressure placed on Mummas’ and how easy it is to fall into the mindset of having to get it all right, putting everyone else’s needs first and to just keep pushing through until something or someone, usually you, breaks.

Trudi’s approach creates a safe space to help you move through your challenges and pain and remember to be well first so you can be more for your family, to find the place inside yourself, that makes you smile and brings joyful meaning to your everyday life.

To life’s little moments. xx

Our Services

When I came to see you yesterday I was feeling hopeless about my pain. You helped soothe my body, and I loved how you assisted me on an energy level too. I’m feeling much more positive after seeing you and my body is responding to that. Thanks for understanding the healing process and sharing your insights. Truly gold.

Trudi’s touch takes me in deep and that is important to me, cause I am also a therapist and I seek a heart felt massage. She has an ability to be very present in the massage, providing an experience that goes beyond the ‘normal.’ Moving at the end is difficult due to the extreme ahhhhhh factor. Thanks Trudes. You are awesome.

Enjoyed an amazing relaxation massage with Trudi the other day. She covers all aspects from reminder beforehand to take home water after – and the most comfortable massage table ever!! Highly recommended for a professional experience and a great massage as well.

Just had another massage with the beautiful Trudi – a relaxation one this time. O M G the QUALITY of her touch !! I know there was physical sensation there (I didn’t go to sleep this time) but all I could feel was the energy behind it – – – love, love, LOVE !!!