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Conscious Wellness for Vibrant Living

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We specialise in helping women to feel amazing by addressing pain on either a physical, emotional, mental level or beyond. Helping to recognise, reconnect and play an active role in healing. We think big picture and holistically when tailoring our treatments.

We especially love working with our:

+ time poor, over scheduled Mums who need a little TLC. 

+ women experiencing anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and fatigued.

+ stressed out, poor sleepers who struggle to turn off the monkey mind chatter.

+ women experiencing loss and major life transitions, from relocating house to job retrenchment and grief who need a safe place to breathe.

+ women who are struggling with everyday living

+ crazy busy business women who push boundaries and hustle looking for balance.

+ cheeky women who love happy pants, chakras, crystals, the energy world and having a laugh. 

+ women who love personal development, kindness and gratitude.

+ adventurers, mystics, creatives, poets, meditators, mums, rebels, doers, thinkers and those who just love to sit and be.

+ guys who rock the colour pink and are comfortable with their feelings.

All are welcome at Living Within.