Lost as a young Mum, having no sense of identity of who I was anymore, life was very serious. Feeling isolated and numb, despite being surrounded by loving family, a supportive partner and a gorgeous child. My life on the outside looked perfect. I had everything I could have wanted. Yet something was missing.

Always intuitive, after seeing the same advert for meditation 3 times, in three different publications across a week, we made the call that changed my world, more than 18 years ago.

It began, what is now, a lifelong pursuit into learning about myself and how I relate to those around me. Learning how to relax deeply and connect, and how to move towards taking actions that reflected the internal change towards self-love and acceptance. It wasn’t just one BIG thing, but a series of little moments consistently unfolding that continued to build a more positive outlook on life. One where a deep feeling of connection and love began to open.


Introducing me to the concepts of being more than just a physical body, exploring emotions (emotional body), thoughts and beliefs (mental body) about myself and the world around me. This included the world of energy and soul aspects. Studying, then learning to blend both eastern and western wisdoms.


It lead to the journey from looking for everything on the outside, to looking within to find where that existed for me. And Living Within was born.


Today, there is incredible gratitude for a simple advert, that took me on an adventure to becoming the best version of myself every day. To daily dedications, that leads me towards being more mindful and conscious than the day before. It isn’t perfect. Some days I need to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again, but it is ok. Way more than Ok. Blessed.


There isn’t failure anymore. It’s been replaced with a Life that has become a WIN/WIN. Sometimes it’s what to do and sometimes it’s what NOT to do. Both are ok but no matter what happens, how chaotic life looks on the outside, there is learning, growth and transformation. Copious amounts of fun, laughter, and playfulness, often at the most inappropriate times, fill my days. A permanent residence in the “naughty” corner.

Living Within provide a holistic approach to massage, meditation and wellness therapies with individual and group workshops available. We recognise that it can be hard to slow down and stop, to take the time out to ensure your wellness. To have the courage to say, somethings not working.


Creating a safe, confidential and nurturing space for you to explore greater level of well-being across all dimension of health. Living with conscious wellness so you can live a vibrant life filled with passion, wonder and joy.


Let me help you find your inner wellness.

With Gratitude, 

Trudi xx

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