Types of Intuitive Massages

“Nurture me” massage intuitive healing touch to nurture and nourish, to reconnect to the place of stillness inside where ones’ wisdom lives. A haven from the feelings of chaos, life transition, and overwhelm. It is a very Yin type of massage that is deeply nourishing using both massage and energy techniques to balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This is great for when you feel overwhelmed by life and experiencing rapid changes in your life or simply need to slow down and surrender.

“Body Beautiful” massage is for people who feel disconnected and have experienced non-love and hold judgement of their body and negative self-talk. So many woman hold negative ideas about their bodies. They feel they are too short, too fat, too tall, too skinny, too hairy. They cannot see their amazingness and have gotten lost in society’s idea that beautiful is model thin perfection and that is of what it means to be beautiful. Beautiful isn’t a size, it’s a mind-set, a heartfelt inner knowing that you are enough. Seeing clients who hate parts of themselves and their bodies. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Can you see your beauty or have you got lost in the that body beautiful depends on a number or size, a skin colour, a sexual orientation or identity? In Body Beautiful we celebrate the body, the wobbly bits, the saggy bits, the stretchy bit, the hairy bits, the not so young bits, the scars we have been born with and the ones we have collected and created. This is a non-judgemental and nurturing space. We all have scars, some are visible, others we hide away. Let us lead you towards rediscovering the depths of what it means to be beautiful and how to reconnect and love all the parts of you.

“Reconnect” massage is about reconnecting with your body and experiencing positive touch. We all have a touch history. Some clients may have negative and unwanted touch. This is a touch memory and is stored in the physical body and can be triggered when that area is touched. For some people, it can be just one area of the body. An example of this would be that some people don’t want their legs massaged due to the scars from cutting. For others, it can be multiple areas and they cannot stand physical touch due to a history of inappropriate touch.

“Grounding” massage is for people who feel like they are not really in their body and feel disconnected from their body. Helps you to feel more grounded, less floaty, more connected and present in the world.

“Psychotherapeutic intuitive” massage includes the world of intuitive massage and psychotherapy. This is best suited to those who have an awareness of the energy world and are looking to grow and transform. This is not suited for beginners to the world of energy and healing. Blending the world of energy and healing with psychotherapeutic massage, using levels of consciousness and archetypes to create a frame work to explore all the parts of you, creating long lasting permanent life change promoting real joy and love for everyday living. Little adjustments big changes – for growth and wellness.